Our Story

Established in 2000, Cleland Homsi & Associates Inc. works with businesses and entrepreneurs from around the world to keep an eye on their receivables and maintain intelligent credit management. Specializing on the issues that impact cash flow: managing credit accounts, limiting risk exposure, and enhancing the accounts receivable process.

We have clients from the sporting good industry that range from apparel distributors, bicycle suppliers, fitness and niche products to small and large companies. Whatever your business model or platform, you can trust Cleland Homsi & Associates Inc. to help you find a balance between being successful and being able to enjoy your life.

Client Testimonials


"We have had great success with Cleland Homsi and Associates Inc. collecting on our behalf. They have a great working relationship with our dealer base. They have an organized approach and can push harder on accounts when necessary. I would highly recommend them when considering their services."-Josh-Endura Inc.

"I have worked with Cleland Homsi & Associates Inc. for many years, and their services are invaluable.  They are always quick to respond, very professional and courteous, and maintain great relationships with my customers." -Gianmarco Cilli- Willier Triestina USA.